9 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing in 2021

Are you thinking about outsourcing your marketing?

Business owners often try to accomplish tasks related to marketing strategy with limited, internal resources. They usually believe that no one else will be able to understand their brand as well as they do. However, the time-consuming tasks associated with running operations including product/service development, sales and delivery, leave little opportunity to strategically build your brand.

Why Consider Outsourcing in 2021?

Many business owners are often faced with the challenge of becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. It’s no surprise that branding and marketing can get lost in the shuffle. We hear this repeatedly and it makes sense. It’s not possible for one competent multitasker to have the expertise to execute initiatives across a variety of channels, while understanding all of the technology required to support execution.

Engaging an objective, outside resource offers your firm access to a team of experts that will drive growth – taking your business to the next level.

9 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing


1. Fresh insights

outsourcing marketing

New ideas

A marketing agency will see opportunities that your team might not have considered – it can also help alleviate stagnation or dissension amongst the ranks through a fresh, third-party perspective.

2. Reduced Resources

Outsourcing your marketing also helps to reduce expenses as resources are used only as required and on demand.

3. Decreased Overhead

As there is no need to employ full time staff, you can scale your business without increasing direct costs and ramp up when you don’t have the expertise or staff to execute. Other benefits include not having to worry about staff turnover or if an employee is sick.

4. Strategy

Marketing agencies have a wealth of experience and understand how to collect valuable research that can be translated into effective strategy. By outsourcing your marketing, an extended team can advise which avenues would make the most sense for your business and quickly activate the plan.

Branding strategy

Outsourcing and strategy

5. Expertise

Outsourcing your marketing gives you the combined scope of a variety of disciplines at your fingertips (i.e. graphic design, SEO, website development, data analytics, digital advertising, etc).

6. Focus

While you are focusing on your business, an agency is focusing solely on your marketing processes and how they can contribute to your business growth. This provides you the time needed to focus on the larger picture.

7. Training and Development

Marketing is a dynamic environment and keeping pace with new technology means continual training and investment in software. This requires extra time, money and resources that you probably don’t have.

Small marketing agency Toronto

Access to many types of marketing experts

8. Adaptability

Your business will be more flexible to adapt to changes in the marketplace by giving you the immediate capacity to do so.

9. Return on Investment

Marketing firms will place immense importance on providing ROI to keep their clients growing. Today, everything is measurable and can be tracked. Outsourcing with a reputable firm ensures growth and value.

Outsourcing Your Marketing in 2021 —  Finding the Right Agency

If your company has decided to outsource this year, here are some things to keep in mind as you move forward.

Look for a provider with a proven track record and good references. One that has been around for awhile and has an established reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask to speak with past and present clients. It’s also important to see what value your marketing partner brings. Metrics are important. Everything should be measurable. If not, that’s a red flag.

Once you have chosen your agency, tasks can be slowly delegated as your business evolves and can substantiate increased marketing projects/spend.

Each step of the way should show ROI. As your company grows you will develop confidence in your extended team. This trust will make it easier for you to continue to outsource functions outside of your core competencies, while your business continues to thrive.

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