Tri-Star Landscaping


Tri-Star Landscaping is a commercial landscaping company that has worked with landscape architects, land developers and commercial builders since 1985. Their logo was outdated and they wanted a more modern, timeless and professional design which would clearly define them to their target audience. The company’s brand was outdated and the over 30-year old firm was unable to drive traffic to its website. The little traffic it did have was immediately falling off due to sparse and ineffectual website content. Tri-Star also had limited marketing materials. Another challenge Tri-Star faced included being mistaken for a residential landscaping service, as homeowners would often call their offices.


After industry and competitor research was executed, Sprout designed a new logo that was much more modern and reflective of Tri-Star’s true brand values. Our rebrand challenge was to work with our client’s existing corporate colour, which was a teal green, while creating a design which would differentiate them from their direct commercial competitors and include our recommended tagline. Once the logo was completed Tri-Star asked us to create an eye catching design for their fleet vehicles in addition to all of the other customer touchpoints.

Sprout then created a simple, clean website that was mobile responsive. As a result, Tri-Star Landscaping staff can now easily manage all of their own content going forward. Digital marketing materials were created to capture the entire customer experience and drive conversions through the company’s website which significantly increased revenues. Here’s how we brought it all together. For more rebranding case studies click here. 

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  • Client: Tri-Star Landscaping