Riello North America


Riello offers combustion and heating solutions which span a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Riello is backed by 90 years of global R+D and has 17 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Riello North America lacked a cohesive brand strategy as communications vehicles did not clearly convey the value and experience associated with the brand.


To differentiate Riello North America from its competitors and to clearly define its brand in the marketplace, Sprout executed extensive research. Channels surveyed included OEMs, wholesalers, manufacturer representatives, engineers, contractors, end-users (large multi-tenant installations) and industry research. Our first project after the brand strategy was completed was to create an ad campaign to launch the industry-leading Array boiler. The series included the new messaging and positioning, however one of our challenges was that large product shots had to be included in the creative as per Riello worldwide ad guidelines. Included here is a sampling of the creative that ran in the top industry publications across North America.


Riello North America had a stellar revenue year. Our ad creative was also used by Riello in Italy.

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