Bridge The Gap in Your Website Security: Free Review

BridgetoofarIs your website performing optimally? Is it secure against viruses, malware and hackers? If you’ve thought about this often and you aren’t sure where to start, keep reading. As a follow up to the interest expressed in our recent article about website security, we are offering a free review of your corporate website for the month of December. Our check up includes a complete performance and security audit. We will check the following:

  1. Missed conversion opportunities – data forms and contact capture.
  2. On-page search engine optimization (SEO)  – are tags optimized for SEO, including image tags, title tags, meta descriptions, robots.txt file?
  3. Mobile friendliness – is your site fully responsive?
  4. Performance problems – review of potential issues, including load times.
  5. Outdated technologies – i.e. Flash can affect the presentation of the site in more modern browsers.
  6. Security – viruses + malware.
  7. Server issues + site issues – the potential for your site to be compromised or hacked.

Book your appointment today at [email protected] as spots are limited.